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"turning opera upside down"

Ne. Sans is a home for the research and creation of work that seeks to deepen and re-connect opera and dance. 

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Discover Dance!

An intimate show and a unique opportunity to meet the artists.
January 27 | 12 noon
Scotiabank Dance Centre 677 Davie St, Vancouver, BC

followed by an audience Q & A.Idan Cohen A special afternoon show presenting a selection of works from future and past creations by Ne. Sans' Artistic Director

Accompanied by pianist/conductor Leslie Dala, this intimate program features the countertenor Shane Hanson and company dancers in excerpts of recent works to music by Handel, Bach, and Philip Glass.

 The Biz

"Ne.Sans is the future of opera"

Omer Meir Welber

  • Chief Conductor: BBC 

       Philharmonic, London

  • Music Director, Teatro Massimo in Palermo

  • Principal Guest Conductor, 

       Semperoper Dresden

The Media
"fresh and extraordinarily thoughtful work"
Sarah Halzack, The Washington Post.
"World calibre dance meets innovative opera."
Cynthia Ramsay, Editor, The Jewish Independent. Vancouver, Canada.
The Audience
"The freshest, most unexpected night out I've had in years!"
Sharon Backley Astrachan, Sydney, Australia. 
"Idan Cohen is turning opera upside down."
Cristina Castro, Artistic Director, Vivadanca, Brazil.

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photos (From top to bottom):

-Idan Cohen- Dancers: Kate Franklin, Jeremy O'Neill, Ted Littlemore

Flick Harrison- Dancer: Ted Littlemore